2016 ICO Liaison Meeting - Notebook, Presentations, and Resources

A full copy of the meeting notebook can be downloaded here.

Lunch Session: Taking a Systemic Approach to Strengthening Undergraduate STEM Education: Making an Impact and Learning from Implementation and Assessment (NSF)
 - Ann E. Austin, Program Director, DUE/EHR - National Science Foundation; Professor, Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education, Associate Dean for Research, College of Education, Assistant Provost for Faculty Development/Career Paths - Michigan State University

Plenary Session I: Keeping Up-to-date on the Nuts and Bolts of NSF Processes and Expectations for those Responsible for Preparing and Submitting Proposals and Following-up on Funded Projects (NSF)

 - Beth Strausser, Policy Specialist - National Science Foundation


Plenary Session II: Funding Programs: Opportunities for Connecting the Dots between Faculty and Curricular Renewal and the World Beyond the Campus (IIE/Fulbright)

 - Lisa Hendricks, Regional Lead, Sub-Saharan Africa / Middle East and North Africa, Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program, Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) - Institute of International Education (IIE)


Plenary Session III: Strengthening Liberal Education and Inclusive Excellence in a Climate of Skepticism: Policy, Practice, and Advocacy (AAC&U)

 - Debra Humphreys, Senior Vice President, Academic Planning and Public Engagement - Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U); Incoming Vice President of Strategic Engagement - Lumina Foundation


Plenary Session IV: The Implications of the ADVANCE Program Both for Advancing Women and Transforming Institutional Culture for Learning Science (NSF)

 - Jessie A. DeAro, Program Officer, ADVANCE - National Science Foundation


Plenary Session V: Opportunities and Challenges within NSF’s Directorate for Education and Human Resources— Now and into the Future (NSF)

 - Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Assistant Director, Education and Human Resources (EHR) - National Science Foundation


Plenary Session VI: What Makes a Competitive Proposal to the NSF MRI Program—Now and into the Future (NSF)

 - Randy Phelps, Staff Associate - National Science Foundation


Plenary Session VII: Taking a Systemic Approach to Inclusive Excellence: Where We Are and What Next? (HHMI)

 - David J. Asai, Senior Director, Science Education - Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Plenary Session VIII: Humanities Connections: Opportunities for Connecting between Humanities Faculty and Their Colleagues on New Curricula, New Pedagogies (NEH)

 - Jinlei Persimmon Augst, Senior Program Officer, Division of Education Programs - National Endowment for the Humanities

Plenary Session IX: A Conversation About the Evolution of DUE Programs Toward Institutional Change and What We are Learning from the Community (NSF)

 - Lee Zia, Division Director (Acting), DUE - National Science Foundation

Plenary Session X: Team Science: What it is and the Implications for the Select Liberal Arts College (NIH)

 - Kara Hall, Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences - National Institutes of Health



The Independent Colleges Office (ICO) provides services directed toward assisting member institutions to be competitive in the search for grants from federal agencies for faculty and curriculum development, and institutional renewal. The ICO recognizes the value of peer institutions working collectively to develop and maintain critical Washington contacts and connections in the arena of proposal development and grants administration. Participation in ICO activities is limited to ICO members.

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